Self Bathing Suite

Self-bathing is a first come first serve basis, however you are welcome to call first and see if anyone is using it. If not we can hold it for you, if you will be arriving within a reasonable amount of time.

The room includes the following:

  • Tub with pull down ramp
  • Towels
  • Hair dryer
  • Grooming table

We do not provide shampoo. You may need to bring your own, or we have several products to chose from, if you would like to purchase shampoo. These include:

  • Hypo allergenic shampoo
  • Groom n’ fresh shampoo
  • Anti-itch shampoo with oatmeal
  • Flea and tick shampoo

The self bathing suite is both heated and air conditioned for your pet’s comfort.

We do ask that you sweep up as much hair as you can before you leave.

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