Puppy Groom Package

Start your puppy off right with a positive grooming experience!

We have combined the full grooming experience with training, desensitization, and socialization.Our puppy groom covers all the essentials including:

a bath

nail trim

ear cleaning or plucking
(for those breeds in need)

simulated tooth brushing

including feet and face trim if needed

a full brush out



This is a big day and a brand new experience for your new puppy and we believe it is important to make a good impression during this critical time in their life called the socialization period (birth to 12-14 weeks of age).

We will combine food rewards, clicker training, and lots of attention for this one-on-one training experience.

Puppy grooms can be scheduled as a single session
or save with our 3-session package.

Call today to schedule your appointment!

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