Recreation & Sports Dog Park – How to Enroll

1. Complete a playgroup history form.

2. Obtain a copy of your pet’s vaccination record showing proof of the required vaccinations and staple it to your history form.

3. Schedule an appointment for the canine behavior assessment by calling our office at 765-463-2611 or send an e-mail

4.  All dogs are required to attend a canine behavior assessment before joining playgroups.

Canine Behavior Assessment – What to Expect:

During the appointment we will ask you questions about your dog’s behavior, level of training, and past experience in an off-leash play setting and/or interaction with other dogs. We will also discuss your goals and what you would like to achieve by having your dog attend playgroups. We will ask that you bring your dog with you to this appointment. After a brief Q&A session we will arrange for your dog to meet other dogs starting with some one-on-one interaction with specific pre-selected dogs. We have a general pool of dogs used for evaluations that have certain attributes that can help ease this initial meet and greet session. The evaluator will answer any questions and discuss any concerns you may have during the meet and greet interactions. We will also make comments on how the dogs are interacting and tips to know in regards to how to prepare your dog for attending playgroups in the future. After the meet and greet we will do a brief orientation, have you fill out some paperwork, and send you home with an orientation packet welcoming you and your dog to Canine Playgroups!

Tuition includes

Canine Behavior Assessment Appointment
Playgroup Orientation
2 (two) complementary Playgroup Passes (a $15 value!)

Playgroup passes are sold as

Single session
Monthly pass

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