Our Vets

Dr. Lisa Banker

Dr. Lisa Banker grew up in West Lafayette, Indiana.  She attended West Lafayette High School, Depauw University, and then Purdue University Veterinary School.  She has worked more than half of her years at Blair Animal Clinic! (She won’t say how many more!).  Twelve of those years she had the honor of working with her father, Dr. John A. Blair, who is now retired.Lisa married Bill Banker after she finished school and they have raised four children together along with a few dogs, cats and birds.  Currently, her family enjoys their dog Zeus, and their cats Buzz and Woody, and two horses, Houdini and Poco Niner.

Lisa cherishes the relationships she has with her own family of humans and animals.  She enjoys being able to support the human-animal bond in her clients’ families as well.

Dr. Shirley Waibel

Dr. Shirley Waibel obtained a Bachelor of Science degree from Purdue University in 1994 and went on to obtain a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from the University of Illinois in 1999. As a native of Indiana, she was happy to accept a job at Blair Animal Clinic and return to her home state. She has been working at Blair since 1999. Her special interest is surgery. She shares her home with three cats and various farm animals.

Dr. Alfonso Gerbolini

Dr. Alfonso Gerbolini graduated from Purdue University Veterinary School in 2012. He is originally from Lima, Peru where he studied in a German School. He lives in West Lafayette with his partner Erika and their dogs Molly and Munay. Alfonso and Erika enjoy the outdoors together and like to discuss the wonders of nature. Molly is a sweet red 10 year old rescued Golden Retriever that demands food at 7 am, 1pm, and 6 pm exactly. Munay is a year and a half old trash-eating-collie-mix-mountain dog rescued from the Andes of Peru that knows how to celebrate her parent’s arrival in exchange for belly rubs. Dr. Alfonso worked in the swine industry for 9 years before entering veterinary school. He is now a vegetarian. Dr. Alfonso describes himself as a humanist, an animal lover, and admirer of nature. He has an interest in veterinary dentistry and medicine. His goal is to help every patient reach the highest quality of life by providing sound medical care and by educating their caretakers. He finds dogs entertaining and loyal and cats warm and fun. He has also learned to be fond of horses as he finds them kind and very helpful. In the summer he helps Equitarian Initiative (EI), a volunteer group treating horses that service the tourism industry in the Andes of Peru. If you are interested in EI’s welfare work please visit https://equitarianinitiative.org/

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