Behavior Consultation

To prepare for the appointment:

  • We ask that the completed history form be returned by mail, fax, or dropped off at Blair Animal Clinic prior to the date of the appointment for review. This helps alleviate consuming valuable time during the actual appointment filling out the history form.
  • The initial consultation appointment typically lasts 2 hours in length so please plan your schedule accordingly.
  • Please check in at the front desk of Blair Animal Clinic for your appointment.
  • All family members involved in the training of the pet should plan to attend the appointment. We welcome all family members to be involved in the treatment process. Well behaved children may also attend as appropriate.

What to expect during the initial consultation:

  • During the evaluation I will ask you various questions about your pet(s) daily routine, environment, and individual behavior.
  • I will observe your pet(s) and their interactions with other family members and animals.
  • Then with your input we will devise a behavior modification plan for your pet and describe how to put it into action.
  • The behavior modification plan may recommend enrollment in other training programs or attendance of follow-up sessions.
  • A follow-up session may include an individual training session in which we will coach family members on implementing the behavior modification plan and when necessary provide instruction on training techniques.
  • Recommendations may also include enrollment in a specific training class, attendance of a specific behavior workshop, or enrollment in a specific service we offer such as Canine Playgroups, etc.
  • Follow-up sessions, classes, and programs are additional services and are not included in the initial consultation fee.


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