Additional Boarding Products and Services

Along with boarding we offer the following additional products and services
for pets that are staying with us.

V.I.P. (Very Important Pet):  $8.50/day

  • 2 extra walks a day
  • Stay and Play (with pre-approval)
  • 1 stuffed kong a day (bring Fido’s own kong)
  • Medications IF needed

T.L.C. (Tender Loving Care):  $6.50/day

  • Off leash potty break which includes 10 minutes of personal time with staff

Stay and Play (pre-approved):  $7.50/day

Stuffed Kong:  $2.50/day

  • Filled with cheese and peanut butter or supplies you provide

Medication(s):  $2.50/day

Grooming: Cost varies based on breed and weight

Klondike Kennels Bath:  Cost varies based on weight

Schedule a Grooming/Bathing Appointment or al a carte Grooming/Bathing Services, such as a nail trim, during your pet’s stay.

Nail Trim:  $15.30

Want to keep your dog busy and happy during it’s stay?

  • Provide a “Kong” and some tasty treats or food items for stuffing (Kongs can be purchased at the clinic or at most pet stores).
  • Supply your dog with some chewies/rawhides. A great choice is C.E.T. HEXtra Chews. They are formulated so that your dog can have one or two a day and they are coated with an enzyme to help remove plaque and reduce tartar on your dog’s teeth.
  • Get your dog involved in Playgroups and sign-up for the Stay & Play program.
  • Does your dog or cat get stressed or nervous about being kenneled? Is this your pet’s first time boarding? You may want to dry one of these great products to help calm and relax your pet during its stay:

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